The Undercover Princes
Tension Rises Between the Princes
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Tension between the three Princes is building up in the house after Mani disgruntled the other two Princes by bringing his gay date, Mike, home.

Princes Remi and Zulu tell the Indian Prince off in no uncertain terms.

Remi Tells Mani Off
Zulu Tells Mani Off

I will tell you – a lot of gay people will not approve of this ice-cream sucking life and so on.

But during the debate, Remi claims that Zulu has a lower Royalty status than he has, starting a rift between them.

Later, Prince Zulu expresses his discontent with Remi:

Zulu Unhappy with Remi

Will the tension between the Princes get in the way of their undercover mission to find true love?

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