The Undercover Princes
Remi Talks About Melissa
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Prince Remi discusses Melissa, the girl he’s been seeing, with Mani, who begins by asking whether Melissa is an “ideal lover” (even though they’ve only met twice).

Is she the ideal lover>“><br />
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What's happening?

Remi responds:

Nice Quality

Sounds promising.

But then he suggests that she’s fat, although “not that fat”.

Not Fat

And also that he’s not sure whether she’s posh enough or something:


I guess we’ll have to wait and see how their next date goes. Fingers crossed for Remi.

8 Comments to “Remi Talks About Melissa”

  1. Dennis says:

    Firstly you are not a royal, Secondly stop refering to people as commoners, Secondly even the real royals are not looking for aristocratic background when they look for their future wifes. Who do you think you are labelling people.

  2. Pia says:

    Hei Remi
    I have seen the “prince undercover” where you lived in London, her in Norway, where I live. And I can`t wait till the next episode. I love love love how you and the anther gays, so that royalty is people to.. I sued have known then, and I would have taken the first flight and meat you..

    I fiend specially you wary interesting and for those ho believe that we are only “borrow” this life, we sued take awanich of it. Make the best of it..
    I which you lovely day and god speed.
    Pia Holm (Norway)

  3. rciahrd says:

    Erm thanks Pai but nobody can understand a fuckign word your saying you silly twat lololol

  4. linda says:

    Rciahrd are you from Wales?

  5. killer says:

    @Retard oh.. sorry @rciahrd.. When does fucking started sounding as fuckign..
    you retard!!

  6. frenchy says:

    wow ! can anyone spell right??!!!

  7. frenchy says:

    Good luck on finding the “perfect” woman…. people have their own ways as well as you do…

  8. Cathy Eckstein says:

    I think “Richard” is an alias for someone who posts on the “Big Brother” blog boards…aka “Lexi”…seriously, don’t give her the honor of your response, as she has Multiple Personality Disorder, schizophrenia and only God knows what else….totally classless…heed my advice and ignore “her”…there’s one in every crowd…

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