The Undercover Princes
Remi Gets in a Plastic Ball
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Having got on well on a speed date, Prince Remi meets Katryna for a second time. With no idea of his Royalty, Katryna comes up with a very unusual date:

Remi Plastic Ball Date
Remi Plastic Ball Date
Remi Plastic Ball Date

The Prince looks petrified:

Remi Plastic Ball Date

But err – no injuries – nothing? Yeah, I’m almost like, “never done this in my life”. Something like this.

Remi Plastic Ball Date
Remi Plastic Ball Date

“She is very bold, forward, outspoken. Her lifestyle is something different compared ot my lifestyle. I would like to have her as a good friend, but she’s not a person who I would be able to take her back home (sic)”

5 Comments to “Remi Gets in a Plastic Ball”

  1. Devi says:

    U like loosuuu

  2. Sankilijan Aviii says:

    i will give my bata clean for me.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hello my name is Lisa im a single Black female im looking for a fun outgoing man that I could take care of and he could take care of me I want someone to love me and me love them back so if you like what you heard write me back thanks

  4. Lisa says:

    Good Luck to you!! You are a very cute guy, I hope you find love and find the person who loves you for you! I don’t think you will have a problem you are such a down to earth guy with good looks and a nice personality…Best Wishes… :)

  5. Cathy Eckstein says:

    If it is truly a lifetime partnership…the “until death do us part” type, then I’m afraid you must ease up on your preconceived notion that British(or any country, per se), aristocracy equals elegance and class. Oftentimes those who are indulged at a young age and throughout their formative years tend to be more narcissistic in their interpersonal relationships…hence, rendering them emotional voids as adults. Of the three Princes, you strike me as the most profound–consisting of more genuine substance as a human being…I am American, which probably explains my analytical approach to marriage and the formation of a more substantiative foundation which is the building blocks for a successful union between two people. I wish you all the best and remember, anyone can place a tiara on their head and call themselves upper class, but the woman with the purity of heart tends to be less self-indulgent with the capacity to truly love another unconditionally for the mere sake of love itself…with no concern for what others may think. Look at it this way, for every 5 rocks you turn over, you’ll discover a diamond in the rough beneath at least 2-3…that, my dear Prince, is your ‘diamond in the rough’, unspoiled, uncensored and open to learning a new lifestyle for the man she loves. I hope my comments did not offend you, if they have, then I kindly ask you to accept my apologies(in particular for showing any ignorance to your culture). Once again, I wish you all the best with your endeavor.
    With all sincerety

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