The Undercover Princes
Remi & Africa Cook
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Prince Remi and Prince Africa have managed to arrange a dinner date with 2 girls. The princes decide to prepare a home cooked meal for their dates.

You can recreate this meal using Prince Africa’s own recipe.

Remi & Africa Cook
Remi & Africa Cook
Remi & Africa Cook

I’m making the chicken. Drumstick. Africa is making beef and sausages and other things.

Remi & Africa Cook

2 Comments to “Remi & Africa Cook”

  1. linda says:

    I loved this show, the three princes really presented themselves very well.
    I really liked Dawn Porters commentry.
    The gay prince Mani was my fave & Prince Africa was a stick in the mud. The Sri-Prince was up himself which I hate so much also he like most was obsessed which high statis rather than the true person.
    Overall a great show that entertaint

  2. tinyblondebunny says:

    well im not going to hate on any of them,because it is what it is and enough have beat up on the other 2 already IMO. Mani though by far is the sweetest and most real of the 3 and he is exploring new things for the first time. He seems so tolerant though and kind, so I hope those that post dont hate on him, I really like his personality. :)

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