The Undercover Princes
Princes Try Speed Dating
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The Undercover Princes head off to a cocktail bar in central Brighton. Full of gay and straight singletons, it’s the ideal opportunity for the Princes to find their perfect partners. Mani leads the way.

Walking to Kobo

The Princes have just three minutes to ask the most important questions.

Are you British?
All of you?
Friends for a long time?
Best weekend?
Change transport system?

If you had the power to change the transport system of Britain, would you do so?

Look here at Zulu’s eyes twinkle as he watches the backsides of his dates leave:

Bye bye
Zulu Twinkle
Zulu Twinkle 2

Let’s see how Prince Remi is getting on:

Remi Speed Dating
Remi Speed Dates LOLing
Remi Speed Dating

They’re really laughing – these two ladies.

And Mani?

Mani Speed Dating


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