The Undercover Princes
Princes Plan a House Party
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The Undercover Princes decide to try a new approach to finding love by having a house party.

But first they need some guests, so Prince Afria Zulu knocks on his neighbour’s door to ask them.

Zulu Invites Neighbour

Next, Zulu tries some ladies at a bar:

Zulu Invites Bar Ladies

However, Zulu is concerned that the party may get “out of hand”. So the first thing he does is warn his neighbour who’s outside cutting some wood:

Zulu approaches neighbour

As you can see, the neighbour is wary of the African Prince. To break the ice, Zulu comments about the neighbour’s wood:

Strong Wood

This seems to work as the neighbour says he is happy with the Princes having a party.

Zulu is still concerned, however, that the house may become a tip, so he writes up a ‘Protocol Sheet’ that he gets the other two Princes to sign:

Party Protocol Sheet 1
Party Protocol Sheet 2a
Party Protocol Sheet 2b

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