The Undercover Princes
Prince Remigius Kanagarajah from Jaffna
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Bow down for His Royal Highness Prince Remigius Kanagarajah of the Royal House of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. He enjoys watching romantic movies, Horror movies.

He has chosen the name Remi as his alias because it is short, it is also nice and he likes it. Prince Remigius also considered the name Tom.

Prince Remigius is the third and final prince to arrive to live undercover in Brighton.

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  1. Ms Rani Raja says:

    This message is for Prince Rami.
    I was born in JAFFNA, and I would like to know from which year your father rule our country. Like you I have been force to leave Jaffna, so went did you move to Holland?
    Gratefull if I get a reply.


  2. Ravi says:

    Dude, are you prince? from where? what are you nuts? what do you need?

  3. Nirmalan says:

    Dear Prince please help our tamil people from the sri lanka governmnet.

  4. Kandy says:

    There have been no kings of Jaffna since 1619 CE. It is absurd for someone to lay claim to a title that became extinct nearly 400 years ago. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is a Democratic Socialist Republic – and therefore does not recognise titles of nobility, let alone extinct ones from several centuries ago. In addition, Mr Kanagarajah has not been able to produce a complete family tree tracing father-son descent from any of the Arya Chakravarti kings, rendering his claim even more tenuous. An individual’s decision to lay claim to a title that has ceased to exist for several centuries by constructing a website is just absurd.

  5. Raja says:

    This is hilarious, there haven’t been kings or princes of Jaffna for 400 years.

  6. Kanaga Rajah says:

    Hi Kanaga Rajah… lolz, we have the same name!!!

  7. Emma says:

    LOL- this is absurd and complete total utter fabrication. BBC seems to have lost the plot. Sri Lanka had no kings or princes for about 400 years. One word this is complete FABRICATION! Not real. This guy probably does not even know where Jaffna is). Thanks.

  8. Kandy says:

    Emma, you’re quite right about Mr Kanagarajah fabricating his titles. Though Sri Lanka was ruled by the Kings of Kandy until they were deposed in 1815. To be precise there have been no kings or princes of Jaffna for 400 years.

  9. HILL COUNTRY says:

    U A PRINCE !!!!!!!!!!



  10. khan_pakhtoona says:

    Dude, you dont even appear on Wikipedia and you call yourself a Prince…

    wat a dickface!

  11. Dylan says:

    Okay so titles pertaining to references of nobility arent recognised in Sri Lanka anymore – but his Highness is the direct descendant of the Aryachakravartis – Ive done some research over his family tree and its quite credible, and Kandy ! the Kandian kings didnt rule Sri Lanka they ruled the province of Kandy for a century while all the territories around them were unsurped by the Portugese, get your facts right, Im behind you King of the Northern Tamil peoples ! Veeravel ! Vetrivel ! woooooh !

  12. Sam says:

    Pretty obvious…. this is what these idots go to western coutries and call them selves a prince! Probably a bloddy terrorist! nothing more!

  13. Joie Luthra says:

    Dear Prince Remi

    True or not, I love the show and thought that you were GREAT.

    Joie Luthra

  14. Dennis says:

    The more I watch the show the more I loose respect for a great organisation as BBC, are they so desperate to even tarnish their Corporate image. Remi you definitely are an escaped tiger. How much did you pay the actors you hired as your advisors. Remi you are an absoulete fuckwhit. The real royals aren’t that proud and down to earth. You think you are above everyone. You are only a bull-shit-artist imagine if you really are one? God helps us. I LIKE IT !!!

  15. Timur says:

    Dylan – up until 1815 the kings of Kandy were the de iure rulers of Sri Lanka until they were deposed by the British. NOT the Portuguese as you snidely remarked. The irony of you telling people to do their research is risable, you retard.

  16. Siva Loganathan says:

    Dennis? Who are stupid men on this earth? Because you don’t know what you are writing about the Jaffna Royal Family. Because you are stupid Sinhalese who has visited to eat only the Tamil food but who has not leaned about the Jaffna Kingdom or its history. You don’t have any rights to speak about the Prince of Jaffna. First have you ever met him in person or have ever spoken to him. He the most humble and honest Prince. May long live the King of Jaffna

    Siva Loganathan

  17. Timur says:

    Nah, it’s not just Sinhalese people that think that Mr Kanagarajah is a retard. He’s an insult to the real descendants of Sri Lanka’s royal families by dishonestly claiming descent from them.

  18. Siva Loganathan says:


    Can you please be kind enough to let me know on what base are you writing about the Prince? Your name does not sound that you are a Sri Lankan and why are you trying to rock some ones boat? If you are a genuine person please mail to me in detail to my id as (

  19. Dennis says:

    My dear Siva Loganathan, I am disappointed to see how intelligent and narrow minded you are as a Tamil. I suppose you only studied till about grade 2 or 3 or did you go to Scholl at all? Secondly I am not a Sinhalese but a true blooded Dutch and Portuguese with pure blood line with real connections, not like your so called fake prince who claims to be prince. Thirdly as a Tamil you are really lacking in general knowledge about your history. but then if you went to school you would know that isn’t it right. Yes I did enjoy the food that what you do as enjoyment when you go on holidays. I suppose you don’t know how to have a holiday. You were very busy killing your own people and funding your tiger comrades. Just for your information I also enjoyed friendship of Tamil people. They are very hospitable and lovely caring people. Siva be careful your name is on the most wanted list in Sri Lanka for involment in the tigers.

    You asked do i know him personaly, shit who wants to now a fake prince. If he is a real prince he should go to Jaffna and fight for his people not hide in Holland. At least Prabakran defended his people face to face even though he was a thief himself.

    Just as you claim you know Remi please read the underlined email from another friend of Remi called Rohan who he hired to conduct his research to substantiate his fake claims.

    Extrat from Ceyon

    I know that you are honest and genuine, and I think Mr Kanagarajah definitely believes he is someone special, but I don’t think he has any right to call himself part of the Jaffna Royal family. There are lots of people who have a right to call themselves direct descendants, but I’m afraid I don’t think Mr Kanagarajah is a genuine direct heir at all.

    I too have had a lot of contact with him. I was trying to help him find more information to substantiate his claim, but every single attempt failed. His claim to be connected to the Gardiners and the Ponnambalams is definitely not true – both families have never heard of him. I’ve asked them here in Colombo and they denied having any connection at all. I tried asking the Portuguese authorities if they had any information to recognise his claim – after all, the Portuguese have given him an award. It turns out that they believed him based on a search of the internet. When I asked him for more information, he grew angry at me and has not spoken to me since.

    Here are my reasons for why I think he is a fraud:

    1) He is not able to trace a father-son line to the Arya Chakravarti kings.

    2) He claims to descend from Sankili Kumaran, and says that his ancestor ‘hid’ from the Portuguese and avoided being taken to Goa in exile. There is no documentary evidence of any such ancestor at all. Had there been a missing son, the Portuguese would have searched far and wide for him to bring the kingdom to an end. I can’t believe that they would have been completely unaware that a son existed.

    3) He claims to have proof of kingship because his family lived at ‘Sankili Thopu’. The Sri Lankan Government took over this property and have had it in their control for a number of years, but I’ve spoken to people who have grown up nearby and they’ve never heard of him or his family. If they were genuine, then those nearby would have known them.

    4) Finally, when Mr Kanagarajah first approached me, he was several generations short of a credible family tree. It was only after discussion with me that he found three of four more generations of names.

    5) There was a wikipedia article about him that was planted by another known pretender – claiming connection to the Vietnamese royal family. That guy was the subject of a wikipedia investigation and he has since been banned from editing wikipedia for pretending to be someone else. A news article about Mr Kanagarajah’s wedding was deliberately planted by him, suggesting that he was traveling in cognito. The whole article was plated. I checked.

    All this adds up to a fraud.

  20. Timur says:

    And for those of you are curious, Rohan is an international lawyer and genealogist. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

  21. concerned says:

    400 years…its time to let go. you’re not even royalty!! i find this very funny. i love your webpage demanding on what we should all call you….i think civilian is the word! these poor women.

  22. Michael says:

    It is true that Remigius is a descendant from one of the families some connection to past Royalty in Sri Lanka. That is all. It is not right that he is accorded the status of HRH and even HH. He cannot be the head of the Royal House of Jaffna. There are numerous descendants around the world. Anything of reality will be descendants of the Royal House of Kandy who are in India.

    The Portuguese Royal House had been misled and probably find it rather embarassing to have replied to his communication in the first place.

    Remigius does not live in exile in the Netherlands. It is of his own choice and has nothing to do with royalty or nobility.

    I had the opportunity to watch the programme ‘Undercover Princes’ while on flight and found it very interesting. It is obvious that Remigius tries very hard to put forth his Royal status and responsibilities.

    It is also interesting to note how those who are ignorant of Asian Royalty tend to quickly shower their respect on those claiming Royalty.

    Remigius is an intelligent person who has been able to gather around him some credible but this is not enough to claim oneself of a Head of a Royal House that does not exist in the form that is being promoted.

  23. african says:

    I just love you the way you do things. I pray for you and your family that you should return to your Kingdom where they need you. Long life to Prince of Sri lanka!!!!!!!!

  24. Harish says:

    This family plays no role in the war in Sri Lanka and did nothing to help the tamils people . And I think that isnt the real royal family of Jaffna.

  25. Michelle says:

    Yes, he is fake. I am a sinhalese and I have lots of Tamil friends (Although I hated tamil terrorists). And none of them heard of this fake fool. He is making himself a total fool.If he is a real gentleman why could not he find a girl to marry, than prowling on streets? As a Sri Lankan he should know our culture when comes to marriage. It is the most devoted cultural engagemnt in our society. I do not think a man from an educated family could do what he has done. It seems like the ghosts of LTTE terrorists still trying to con the international community as they have done always.

  26. Princes of Jalpanam says:

    Nirmalan, you think this peace of sh….t can help tamil people? he needs to help himself…

  27. Tony Hicks says:

    Hi whether He is a prince or not does not really matter I enjoyed the show, but one mistake on his website is that he named the so called fake INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON NOBILITY AND ROYALTY, as a reference this organization is a total fake
    un-official and bogus body set up by a mad American from carson city called mr goff, so on this account his claim may be a it bit dubious.

  28. Carola says:

    Hi Jerry,
    Nice show you’re putting off nowadays! Wow, very creative indeed.
    How about a cup of coffee in Utrecht some time?


  29. Raju says:

    HI dude u get mad u are not a prins

  30. Raju says:

    Dude u think that u belong to royal family but maybe in u dream??????

  31. Miracle says:

    You guys should really be a little be more respectful!!!!!!!!!

    The Dalai Lama is still the Dalai Lama although the (invading) chinese do not recognize him as the leader. To most tibetans and many in the world he still remains thier leader and guide!!! Are you going to tell him he is no longer the Dalai Lama becuase the Chinese say so???? He was exiled in the 40′s i think, and if you speak to some young tibetans they do not know thier history well enough to tell you much apart from they are now chinese!!! (by force)

    Even though there may no longer be a recognized royal family in sri Lanka since 400 years it does not mean the line is gone and dont exist! They did exist of course and still retain thier title rightfully.

    Shame on you all!

  32. Sonu says:

    Nice try, but your analogy is fundamentally flawed. The Dalai Lama was once officially the recognised head of state. Furthermore, the Dalai Lama did not arbitrarily making claims to titles or positions that he was not entitled to.

    Mr Kanagarajah on the other hand arbitrarily decided to start calling himself a prince in 2005. Mr Kanagarajah has never been a head of state or a member of a recognised royal family, past or present. Finally, Mr Kanagarajah is not a descendant of the kings of Jaffna, his attempt at a family is incomplete and fraudulent. The descendants of the kings of Jaffna may still be out there. Mr Kanagarajah just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

  33. SEE says:

    Just because a Royal House has not been in power for 400 or even 1000 years if they were illegally removed or never forfeited there rights they still retain their Sovereign attributes, Which including using royal styles and granting titles and Orders.

    International Law is clear, a soveriegn does not loose his royal claims if he or she does not forfeit or renounce them.

  34. A, Thangarajah says:

    “International Law” did not exist 400 years ago, so the edifice for your argument is an anachronism in the same way that one cannot be charged for an act before it becomes a criminal offence under the law i.e. one cannot be retrospectively charged in light of recent amendments to legislation.

    Yes, royal descendants will remain royal descendants even after their ancestors have been deposed as long as they are in fact descendants of royalty. Mr Kanagarajah is not however a descendant of the Jaffna royal family as his family tree is incomplete and fraudulent in places. So he had no right to arbitrarily claim to be a prince and a royal descendant in 2005 when the evidence for his claims do not hold up.

    As mentioned earlier, the descendants of the Jaffna kings may still be around, Mr Remigius Jerry Kanagarajah just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

  35. Ranga says:

    I would like to bring to peoples attention their is one only person who tries to bring done the Prince Remigius his idiot who comes of this forms with diffident identity and write rubbish. As we all knew Prince Remigius as always spoken on behalf his people and taken bold steps, from the time he has been officially out. The person who says others a fraud he will be the biggest fraud and please stop you made things and mind your business. Long live our Prince Remigius Kanagarajah and the royal family of Jaffna. We love our Prince””””

  36. A, Thangarajah says:

    It is clear that you are a misguided fool if you think Mr Remigius has done anything for his people. As far as the world can see all he has done is make a fool of himself on a third rate reality show, create a risible website and convince uneducated fools such as yourself of his authenticity.

    When a man claims to be a prince and patronisingly allows a show to refer to a large number of Sri Lankans as his “subjects”, it becomes my business. Keep your infantile fantasies to yourself.

  37. Livid! says:

    I cannot believe BBC actually aired this programme. I am furious that someone can just call himself a Prince and be accepted as such! Sri Lanka suffered a civil war for 30 years and here is a man claiming to be talking about being the ruler of the North going undercover to date someone from Brighton and then tell her it is not possible to get married to her because of his royal duties!!! For more reasons than one, I am absolutely livid!!!! Where was he in the 30 years of war “his people” suffered? And why date in Brighton if it is not within protocol to marry someone he calls a “commoner”. I am a Sri Lankan and I am ashamed!!! If I were her, I’d have slapped him!! We don’t need another war and we don’t need some guy claiming to be a prince where history does not claim his very existence!

  38. Livid! says:

    @miracl – Yeah! but we all know the Dalai Lama exists and he DOES something…. what the hell has this man done, except date a helpless british girl and gain publicity?? Not to mention just piss off every Sri Lankan with his claim??

  39. mirza says:

    He is quite the laughing matter of indian and pakistani royalties like the maharajas and zamindars. He cannot prove his descent and titles did not pass from his parents and grandparents (we dont even know who they are)

  40. faith says:

    LOL last time i was a prince was at my 4th birthday party. Get real, seriously how desperate can some people be >< it would have been very worthwhile if we could have seen his so called homeland. FOOL

  41. Asa says:

    I do not know if Remi is a true prince or not, and it does not interest me either. I just pitty him if he really live his life as it is shown in the program, how sad that he can not pick the girl of hes heart. Horrible that he have to choose a royal girl, where will he find such girl? And how happy will they be?

  42. Ranga says:

    I apologise, you were right, this guy is a complete fake! This is a disgrace to real royalty.

  43. therese says:

    I just want to tell you that you are so cute.. A realy nice man a good man.. ;)

  44. Lola says:

    Are you sure he is a Prince ….lol ! HE IS FAKE.
    Never heard of this guy who is a good dreamer.
    Best go to a lonely island, sit under a coconut tree & claim that as your “Kingdom”
    Maybe now living in the “Stables” with horses & pigs of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands as an asylum seeker.

  45. Sunila says:

    Sri lankan psychiatrists are capable enough to cure your upset brain. Come back soon.

  46. Sunila says:

    I’m sure there are very good psychiatrists even in Sri Lanka. Why did you leave the country?

  47. Rajasinha says:

    This man is not a prince. Never was and never will be. ‘Royal Duties’ – HA. Stupid Tamil man suffering from a megalomaniacal brain disorder. Acting just like a child, living in imagination. Shame to the people of Sri Lanka, Shame to the Tamil people.

  48. gunaratnam says:

    The problem with the tamil people is that they are mostly arrogant. And they think that they manage to flee sri lanka that they are one heck of a great deal. Me a lawyer, of over 20 years cant even get a visa to live in a foreign county but through “relatives” that have lived abroad they seem to come in droves doing hell of a ‘illegal’ job… People learn to live a straight life… Be a lesbian or a gay or whatever but live straight life. Do Good, pray for your families and always remember living abroad is a privilege, not a right!

    Remember, be you ever so high, the law is above you… Thomas Fuller

  49. chami says:

    mad fucker

  50. chami says:

    Stupid fucking migrant has fucked on great tamil nation

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