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Prince Remigius Kanagarajah from Jaffna
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Bow down for His Royal Highness Prince Remigius Kanagarajah of the Royal House of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. He enjoys watching romantic movies, Horror movies.

He has chosen the name Remi as his alias because it is short, it is also nice and he likes it. Prince Remigius also considered the name Tom.

Prince Remigius is the third and final prince to arrive to live undercover in Brighton.

71 Comments to “Prince Remigius Kanagarajah from Jaffna”

  1. Jayaseeli, Denmark says:

    The guy called himself as “Prince Remigius Kanagarajah from Jaffna” is out of his mind and in a dream! Biggest joke I heard in 2011!!!! Undoubtedly he is a hell of a mad idiot.

  2. Mongolftw says:

    You stupid fool grow up :D

  3. Chat says:

    Your Assness, is your father King Kong? What happened to your long term girlfriend (your five fingered right hand)?? Whatever happens don’t forget your past (those lonely nights spent with your five fingered girlfriend). Moda hukanna. Find someone from SL u fool. Did you flee from Sri Lanka cos u stole from the country? I invite Your Assness to come to SL; we do have some mansions (prisons) in SL for people like you.

  4. Sankilijan Aviii says:

    You know our royalfamily have been pastway 400 years ago our last king is Sankilijan.Jaffna University History student still research about royalfamily they couldn’r find any think from them.I have some question about you Please answer to my mail id *************.
    What your goal?
    When did you move to Hollond?
    Which part of Jaffna are you from?
    Where did you buy this Colothes?
    Why do you image your slef as a Jaffna King?
    Do you eat Veg or On Veg?

  5. Maya says:

    OOhhhhh my god. what a lie. Are you Prince in Sri Lanka!! When. Ashemed for my little Sri Lanka. And in Jafna!!! With Sri Lankan flag. Stupid.

  6. Thushanga Bandara says:

    Last Sri Lankan King was King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghese untill 5th March 1815 (Kandy Era). Sri Lanka was no more a kingdom after that and theres no more Royal Family left in there. I dont know who this guy is and he seems out of his mind.. And I dont understand what the British media is trying to do… Are they this stupid??

  7. Hassey says:

    this is totally mad person.Sri Lanka is beautiful country without any King Kongs.English people have finished Ceylon last king and now they trying to introduce new king KONG xoxoxox

  8. Dr. C. T. Benedict says:

    Kanagarajah who calls himself a Royal Prince, must be living in a fantasy world. The Last King of Jaffna was Edirmanasingham, son of Pararajasekeram VIII (1591 – 1615). There are thousands of descendants of King Pararajasekeram living to this day. Details of the Royal Descent can be found in the thoroughly researched book entitled,”The Genealogy of Maniampathy Inhabitants” written by Mr. A.B.Benedict, late Station Master and Attorney-at-Law.

  9. Dr. C. T. Benedict says:

    Mr.Kanagarajah who calls himself the Royal Prince of
    Jaffna,must be living in a fantasy world. In accordance with the thoroughly researched book written by late Mr. A.B.Benedict, Station Master and Attorney-at-Law entitled, “The Genealogy of Maniampathy Inhabitants”, the last King of Jaffna was Edirmanasingham, son of Pararajasekeram VIII (1591-1615). There are thousands of descendants of Edirmanasingham living to this day.

  10. DR.C.T.BENEDICT says:

    Mr. Karagarajah must be living in a fantasy world. The last King of Jaffna was Edirmanasingham, son of Pararajasekeram VIII (1591-1615). Details about the
    Royal descent can be found in the book entitled, “The Genealogy of Maniampathy Inhabitants” written by late Mr. A.B.Benedict, Retired Station Master and Attorney at Law.

  11. Nimeth says:

    OMG! what a F…… lie!There are no king, Queen or prince or princes sinch English destroyed our monachy.This is like English are trying to establish new monacy in our beautiful country.may be under covering our history into a ambition of ” Some one else”.

  12. Mira says:

    shouldn’t you check your facts before featuring ridiculous clowns like this on your show? this ‘prince’ is nothing but a big fake!

  13. Sri Rajadhi Rajasinghe says:

    God save the prince.
    I salute H.H. Remi.

    With respect and honour,
    The Prince of Kandy


    Living in Holland

  14. ganga says:

    e cording to our history our last king was kanna sami you have to answer history

  15. prince from matara says:

    hey fuck………!

    do u have a ass hole?

    u idiot…..

    fuck ur highness…….

  16. mosas says:

    Rami is not a prince of jaffna his great grand father came from s;india as like a tobacco seller (1670 th) for more info follow “jaffna dynasty” by Dr k kunarasa

  17. Dido says:

    What a joke. He is not a prince. He is a Muppet who dance for western voice or may be some NGOs or Diaspora behind him. They try to create a brand new history. You failed dude. You can’t create a history. You are a “Kallathoni”. Tell me the truth. How much you got paid for this drama.

  18. monique says:

    hi prince remi

    how are u today ??

    i saw your tv program , looking for your princess ,
    well ,
    u look so good ………..and i am still single ,
    i think that i could be your type

    take care and greetings from holland

    pls ; write me back

  19. King FUCK says:

    HEY fuck !!
    Im the last not u !!!
    are u gay !!! u seems like Fking Gay !!

  20. raja says:

    u r not prince…fuck u man…jaffna prince is our prabakaran…

  21. raja says:

    sangilian aviii ….great man..thankyou…for ur questions..

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