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Prince Remi Working Tirelessly To Restore The Monarchy In Jaffna
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This is Prince Remi working tirelessly to restore the monarchy in Jaffna:

Prince Remi Working Tirelessly

Remi sends special stamped photos of himself:
Prince Remi Working Tirelessly

Prince Remi Working Tirelessly

More about this guy later:
Royal Advisor

55 Comments to “Prince Remi Working Tirelessly To Restore The Monarchy In Jaffna”

  1. Lola says:

    Do you believe he is a “so called” Prince ….lol !
    He is a FAKE.
    Must take him to an lonely island, make him to sit under an coconut tree & inform his that it is his “Kingdom”
    Is he living in the Palace of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands or in her horse stables?

  2. Suna Puna says:

    The Hindu Vellalars are the supreme caste in Jaffna. What I understand is when King Sangili II was beheaded in March 1619 AD by the Portugese Army, all the remaining males of the Royal famailies along with King Changil II were beheaded by Phillip de Olivara, the Portugal Army leader, who captured the Jaffna Kingdom.

    The women of the royal famailies were kept in the manthiri manai (Minister’s residence) by the Army, which is situated just opposite the Sangili thoppu for their sexual at the manthiri manai!!. I am of the opinion that the offsprings of these womenfrom the Portugese may be sometimes claiming that they too belong to the Royal Family!!

    The employees of the Sangiliayn’s palace were converted to Cathloisim and they were allowed to continue to work as peons/labourers/conservancy and scavanging labourers to the portugese army and the Army General!

    These mena are really coureoges. Most of them in Jaffna town live around AriyaKulam area. They are the only people who still dare to climb Coconut trees to plug coconuts. They too climb on the palmayrah trees to tap toddy/sweettody.

    Kings do not have the name such as Karuppan. The self appointed so called Illavarasan of Jaffna, who now live in Netherlands may therefore be named as tree climbers’ arasan(i.e. Nallavar ara asan.)

    This so called Prince was lamenting that Dr.E.MV.naganathan, one time MP for Nallur was his relative. I regret to inform you that he married a Colombo Cheety woman (They do not belong to the nattukottai chettiar family). When he died, that woman did not allow the Party supporters of Fedaral Party to bring his body to Jaffna to allow the people to pay the last respects to his body.I like to remind you all here that he was elecled as MP by 93% of the Hindus of the nallur electroate nad not by the &% Christians.

    This is the beauty of the Royal family.

  3. Sankilijan Aviii says:

    Hi Don’t write Hindu Vellalar are the supreme caste in Jaffna.They farmer cast.Supreme cast is Udajar and Muthalijar as well as Chettiyar.Vellalar And Govijar are servent of Our king you know that.

    This King want to claim some money

  4. yaalpaadi says:

    This is a fake king/queen- royal and I like to be see him in His dream as I am doing every day with very colorful dress as Kind flying into clouds, ok. Who is Vellaalan? is any caste there as a supreme in this world, what nonsense, and it’s very primitive idea. One thing is very clear those who has man power so called majority people in the society, can be rule and dominate all resources unlawfully- against the will of poor people make them slave. these inhumane activity cant be supreme but absolute: TYRANNY AND BE PUNISHED! Supreme person or society better to be Helpful compassionate other follow citizen. To be Vellar of Jaffna penninsula is Shame, everlasting punishment!!

  5. James says:

    He is not a fake prince; the monarchy was overthrown and his family lives in exile but if you are born into royalty, you retain the title, even if you are not governing. How many of you have an administration of advisors?? LOL

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