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Prince Remi is Proud To Hold His Sword
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This is my ceremonial cape. Do you like it? It’s nice.

A ceremonial sword but still very sharp.This is lovely.

3 Comments to “Prince Remi is Proud To Hold His Sword”

  1. Vaitheki says:

    I come from Jaffna, unfortunately I was not aware of this Royal Family. Can you explain during which period your Royal family ruled Jaffna Peninsula? It would be a useful information to know…

  2. Raja says:

    His father has never ruled Jaffna. There have been no kings or princes of Jaffna since 1619 CE so it is absurd for him to lay claim to a title that became extinct nearly 400 years ago. Mr Kanagarajah has not been able to produce a complete family tree tracing father-son descent from any of the Arya Chakravarti kings. Since he can’t prove descent, his claims are a result of wishful thinking.

  3. Raju says:

    He wish that he was a prins maybe in his dream or he is get mad,and creat a storry like this i am agree with Raja,There have been no kings or princes since 1619

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