The Undercover Princes
House Party Protocol Sheet
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You can use this Protocol Sheet if you are hosting a house party. It will make sure you are covered for any legal issues as well as ensuring guests have a great time and no nude performances happen:

We as occupants of no 19 Sillwood welcome all of you citizens in our compound, We do understand that we are all here to have a great time and therefore we had to observe some discipline among each other.

Kindly see to it that no damage is cause to the property which includes spillages, scratches, and and ring marks on furniture, stains on the carpets and soft furnishings.

No obscene or lewd behaviour including nude performances.

Signed the occupants

Protocol Sheet

This protocol sheet was put into good use when the Princes planned a house party.

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  1. Emrith says:

    Soooo, drug use besides alcohol was ok? I just saw episode 1, will be watching and catching up, have not laughed that much at a TV show in recent memory!!

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