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Face & Body Structure Matter To Prince Africa
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Prince Africa already hinted at what he looks for a in woman (No V Shape). At the start of episode 2 of The Undercover Princes – he tells us more.

Face & Body Structure
Face & Body Structure
Face & Body Structure
Face & Body Structure

So that amazing personality just isn’t enough, girls.

3 Comments to “Face & Body Structure Matter To Prince Africa”

  1. Kani Trehorn says:

    Hi Prince Africa,

    I enjoyed watching the show.
    Sadly it was clear that the girl you went on a date was not interested,though she was good at sharing your social gatherings.

    I wish you good luck.


  2. nadine says:

    Hi i have enjoyed watchin your show and i cant understand why women in brighton cant see what a nice guy prince africa is, i would definately date him he has a wonderful personality and is quite handsome, i hope he finds that someone special

  3. African says:

    Do you think that what you say and do people like it? I think it is the best for you to be in the hut. You do and say things as a idot.

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