The Undercover Princes

The Undercover Princes is a 4 part documentary series that aired on BBC Three during February 2009. The show follows 3 genuine princes from India, Sri Lanka and Africa as they arrive in the UK hoping to find love and romance with a real English rose.

All three princes are given new identities to hide their Royal heritage as they look for love in Brighton.

Meet The 3 Undercover Princes

Prince Remi – The charming Prince of Jaffna in Sri Lanka always has something to say. He goes clubbing in Brighton looking for a girl from aristocratic stock.

Prince Mani – The gay Prince of Rajpipla in India hits the Brighton gay scene hard in search of love. Will he find his perfect partner?

Prince Africa Zulu – The African hunter wants to use the principles of hunting to snare himself a woman in Brighton. He soon realises this approach does not work.